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Home Seller’s Guide  

  1. How Much is Your Property Worth?  Find a minimum of two (2) to three (3) agents that can present you with a current Appraisal of your property. Appraisal meaning the documented sales records of all other properties in the area that are similar in comparison to yours. Usually quickly   obtained by agents who subscribe with,,, etc.  
  2.  The Appointing of Your Agents – Please Study the Meaning of How You Want to Sell Your Property and What is the meaning of: Open Listing? Sole Agency? Exclusive Agency?  Open Listing means that any other agent or owner can sell the property without any penalty or extra commission with your discretion at any time.  Sole Agency Listing means if you appoint another agent during their term you must pay two or more commissions. Exclusive Listing means that you must pay commission to this agent during their term even if you (the owner) finds the buyer that settles.  
  3. How Much are the Advertising and Marketing Costs? Most agents charge up-front fees to advertise your property. Make sure that the agents present you with their up-front marketing plan for your property in writing.  The plan must include an itemized list of all the marketing and advertising campaigns including costs, the name of the advertising or media company and the expiry dates. 
  4. Ask all the Agents. What is the Average Time that a property similar to yours would be on the current Market? Check the data from all the agents, check form the most recent dates and check the prices from all recently sold  properties in your area? 
  5.  Find a Conveyancer or Estate Lawyer to prepare the Sales Contract for your Property. Have you discussed the time you are able to accept or consider for any buyer’s terms or conditions and your timing for the settlement? 
  6. Find the rate of your Commission and the cost of Advertising?  Before selecting and signing with your chosen agent, have you thought about your rights to negotiate the rate of the commission and the cost of the marketing and advertising? Make sure it is properly itemized and written. 
  7. Have you given written instructions to your agent clearly stating which items in the property are not to be included in the sale? 
  8. Have you made plans of what other property are you moving into and when would the property be available? Does the settlement date coincide with allowing enough time for the big clean-up, removals and moving in just before the settlement? Or, must you consider searching for other properties to buy or rent and in which location? 
  9.  Have you agreed with your agent on what is the minimum price that the property is to be advertised? Have you given your agent instructions about the offers you are will be able to consider? 
  10.  Having accepted the offer, have you confirmed with your agent that the full deposit stated on the contract of sale has been paid by the buyer? 
  11. Is the offer in cash or with conditions by the buyer? Ask the agent to explain all noted conditions pointing out the risks if you would accept the offer. 
  12. If you need support from our professional agents, please contact us with your contact details below: