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  1. Have You Prepared Your Budget?  Buying a home is a significant and ongoing financial commitment. As a buyer, you should spend time working out how much you need and how much you can afford? Get your finances sorted, before you start looking for a property.  
  2. What is Your Cash Deposit and What is the Equity of the property that you are looking to buy? What is your credit Rating? How will you Service the Loan? Speak to a Lender and ask for a Pre-Approved Loan? Choosing the right home loan lender is important. Researching and understanding the home loan market will help you to choose the loan that’s right for you.  
  3. What is the Value of the Property You Want to Buy? Valuation Certificate is the best, because when you need finance, the valuation is always required before they can approve the finance.  
  4. Auctions.  You will need a pre-approved loan, because the property will not be offered as subject to any finance. 
  5.  Have you selected your preferred suburb or location? 
  6.  What features are you looking for in a property? For example, double story, number and size of bedrooms, etc.? 
  1.  Have you inspected similar properties in the area and found out how much they sold for? 
  2.  Building Inspection Recommendation. Does the property require a building and pest inspections? How old is the building? Does it have any warranty cover left from the builder and the BSA?Ask  for all such documentation to be given by the owners. 
  3. You can make the offer to buy subject to these inspections as the conditions on the offer? 
  4.  Has your conveyancer or estate lawyer done a property and local council search? 
  5. Find property insurance when the contract of sale becomes unconditional? 
  6. Have you prepared to buy the property from a private seller? 
  7. Are you aware about your cooling-off rights (if any)? 
  8. Check with the owner about any items that appear to be fixtures of the property but could instead be items (personal chattels) that the owner wants to remove at settlement? 
  9. Have you got the deposit ready to be paid when required by the agent or the owner? 
  10. If you need support from our professional agents, please fill in your details below then send: